Being stopped for a traffic violation is the only experience that many people will have with the justice system. It can be anxiety-inducing and downright scary.  You may even be sitting here letting worrisome questions take over like: "Will my insurance rates go up?  Will my license be suspended? Will I go to jail?"  Anxiety won't get you anywhere, but an experienced lawyer with over 30 years of fighting traffic tickets will. Instead of worrying, contact me.

When you call my office, I personally will talk with you about your case at no charge.  During this free initial consultation, I'll explain the consequences of your charge as it now stands in terms of your insurance and driver's license; the likelihood that I can reduce your charge; my representation fee; and what fines and court costs you might have to pay. Most people leave my free traffic consultations feeling reassured! 

You may not realize that by simply paying off a ticket as charged, you plead guilty to the charge on your ticket. But when you renew your insurance, you'll be met with the unpleasant surprise of higher rates. With my experienced representation, you'll discover many options to prevent or minimize the insurance and driver’s license consequences of a ticket. These include but are not limited to: improper equipment, prayer for judgment continued, reduction to nine over the limit. 

If you or a family member have been cited with a traffic violation, contact me. Put my thirty-plus years of experience to work for you and get the best possible outcome for your traffic case.  I look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime, read the blog posts I've written about Traffic Law in North Carolina, which go in to more detail about options for minimizing traffic ticket consequences.