Fake ID Cards

If you are under twenty-one years old, you can’t buy or drink alcoholic beverages in North Carolina.  If you use a fake ID, and you are caught, you’ll have to go to criminal (not just traffic) court, and face the possibility of having a criminal record.

If you have been charged with  underage possession or with using a fake ID,  you may avoid a criminal record through a couple of diversion programs.  “Diversion” means that a case is taken off the usual path leading to trial or guilty plea and the person is given the chance to keep their record clean by doing community service or going to classes. One program is the  “First Offender’s Program.” As the name implies, your record must be clean (except perhaps a minor traffic ticket), and you can’t have been through the program before. Participants perform community service and pay court fees.  They also may have to write a short paper on substance abuse or have a substance abuse assessment, or both.  And, they must go up to six months without getting any new criminal charges of any kind.  Once the tasks are done and the required time has passed, the District Attorney will dismiss the charges, and the person will not have a conviction on their record.

Another program is the TASC program.  TASC stands for “Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities.”  This program requires the person to be evaluated for drug or alcohol problems.  If no problem is found, then the person attends several evening classes and pays a fee for the classes.  If a problem is found, then the person attends drug or alcohol counseling.  In either event, once the classes or counseling are done, and the fees paid, then the D.A.’s office will dismiss the case. Usually, the TASC program lasts anywhere from two to six months.

If you have been charged with using a fake ID or underage possession,  give me a call at 919-683-2175.  I can help!